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About Archdux

The ARCHDUX Forum cordially invites enthusiasts, architects, designers, architecture students and professionals with varied backgrounds from all around the world as we stand under a single umbrella with a commitment to change perspectives in architecture by collecting the best outcomes from a diverse range of creative and innovative minds.  
ARCHDUX’s ultimate goal is to reach out to fanatics, architects, artists, professionals, designers and even the ones who believe in their ideas emerging from a diverse range of backgrounds thus forming a collective platform. Through the means of a distinct platform, we aim at keeping a healthy and sound competition between their ideas thus allowing the unique ones to stand apart. Our competition intends to make the most out of the incredible potential found in the field of architectural design which hopes to attract some bright minds who shall present their innovations, solution-oriented creations and ideas to the world and generations to come offering us a peek into the future of architectural design.  
ARCHDUX ensures that the most suitable and sustainable designs shall be selected by a jury of experts from related fields. This remarkable amalgamation bringing together global experts, design enthusiasts and bright minds from diverse fields has been made possible only because of our commitment to portray the best of all ideas on a combined platform.
The participation in the competition can either be individual, teams of architects, architecture students or professional with different backgrounds who believe that their innovative solutions can put a dent in the universe.
Team ARCHDUX wishes all our participants to perform at the peak of their capabilities.