Jury Comments

Jan Dieterle

The participants thought up new ways of architectural learning and interpreted them into a building. Key issues that I find particularly important are spaces of freedom for experiments and a strong interaction of the education with the urban context. The works show several approaches, but also different degrees of elaboration and a high quality of individual graphical representation. The interaction with the urban environment is represented by visual links as well as having a sort of real-world laboratories – enabling the students to trial and error in reality. Therefore I like many of the approaches that are in favour of a processual character of the school of architecture, to adapt to changing paradigms and to facilitate an inspiring learning environment!

Aurgho Jyoti

"It was a very exciting brief – to design a school of architecture. What makes it intriguing is the fact that all architects have strong collective memories of the physical spaces of the school or schools they went to. It definitely influences their thinking and in a certain way helps formulate preconceptions of the ideal environment. There was a good mix of competition entries exploring very different ideas. There was an underlying theme of materiality in some proposals. The essence of architectural education lies in serendipity and heuristics, themes that one of the design proposals wittily translates into a fun learning environment. Another proposal touched upon the notion of time with a simple and elegant layering of floating planes and lines. Some of the projects would have had more clarity from a clear design narrative."